Home Care for Mental Disabilities & Traumatic Brain Injuries

Home Care Services in Medford, Faribault & Owatonna, MN

Our Homes South, Inc., provides supported living services to persons with disabilities in need of 24-hour support. We also provide in-home skill development and support services. Persons served have a diagnosis of mental illness, developmental disability or traumatic brain injury. These services are provided in regular residential homes and apartments in integrated environments that maximize participation in the home communities. Funding is provided by the DD, CADI and BI waiver and each site is licensed for adult foster care. Services are provided in the cities of Faribault, Owatonna, Medford, and Morristown.

Trained Home Care Staff

Staff are well trained in behavior management, role modeling, CPR, first aid, medication administration, person-centered planning and therapeutic intervention strategies necessary to support persons in their homes.  Read more about our values and culture here.  

Staff Support Throughout Medford, Faribault & Owatonna, MN

Staff Support Throughout Medford, Faribault & Owatonna, MN

Direct service staff are supported by LPN on duty, QDDP's and an RN who provide technical supervision to the homes and apartments. The CEO and the executive staff are well versed in the needs of persons with disabilities.

Our Culture & Atomosphere

Our Culture - Our culture is based upon our core value that each person has the right to be independent and a fully participating member of their community.

Events & Employee Input

Events - We encourage community interaction for all individuals through offering group activities and training opportunities in community environments. We emphasize one on one activities for all persons served.

Employee Input - At Our Homes South, Inc. we recognize that our employees know the business well. We actively solicit their input for planning and at other major decision points. To view employment opportunities, click here.

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